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wiki:Tagging guidelines

1. Add the source
Please add the original source of the image if you are aware of where it came from. It should lead to the exact source page.

For example: (i.e. not just

2. Artist tags
Please tag artists like so:


Replacing anonymous with the artist, of course.

3. Character tags
Please tag characters like so:


Replacing Lincoln with whichever character is in question.

Images containing OCs (I.e. - sin kids, etc) must be tagged original_character for the purpose of filtering. If they only contain OCs and no canon characters, they must also be tagged "ocs_only".

4. Common tags
Tags describing the images, like "solo" do not usually have a prefix. Ship names (i.e. ronniecoln) also do not have any prefix.

5. Ratings
Images must be appropriately rated. Porn should be rated 'explicit' and safe-for-work images 'safe'. Anything which is technically safe-for-work but suggestive is 'questionable'.
This is important, as explicit images are hidden for unregistered users.

Please tag gay content as yaoi or yuri depending on the type for filtering purposes.

All tags should be lowercase.