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2017 aged_up artist:jumpjump blushing character:hugh_jr character:lupa_loud costume dragon_quest holding_object holding_weapon hughpa inktober original_character parody sin_kids // 2048x1536 // 1.4MB 2016 artist:enclave character:bobby_santiago holding_weapon metal_gear parody solo sword // 2560x1536 // 962.6KB 2017 berserk character:lincoln_loud holding_weapon parody scar solo sword text // 1280x1056 // 675.6KB 2022 aged_down artist:eddyx black_and_white character:albert gun half-closed_eyes holding_weapon looking_at_viewer smiling solo // 4000x5000 // 13.9MB 2020 aged_up artist:patanu102 bow character:leni_loud character:liena_loud character:lyle_loud comic dialogue frowning holding_weapon original_character scared sin_kids tears // 800x1000 // 271.0KB artist_request character:leia_loud holding_weapon looking_at_viewer ocs_only scythe sin_kids solo // 1000x1080 // 373.0KB artist_request blood character:haiku holding_weapon knife sitting solo // 1000x1399 // 86.0KB artist:ozjim11 character:clyde_mcbride character:lincoln_loud character:ronnie_anne_santiago holding_weapon parody persona whip // 2660x1960 // 7.8MB 2022 artist:sl0th character:luan_loud dirty fallout holding_weapon knife machete parody solo // 800x800 // 92.2KB artist:taki8hiro character:lincoln_loud holding_weapon jojo's_bizarre_adventure parody solo sword // 1280x1463 // 164.8KB character:leif_loud character:lexx_loud communism holding_weapon military_uniform natsoc // 1590x918 // 162.6KB 2017 armor artist:noodle-lu berserk character:lori_loud holding_weapon parody solo sword // 1280x1030 // 469.2KB 2017 armor artist:yoshikageanon berserk blood character:lincoln_loud holding_weapon parody scar solo sword // 1024x1380 // 305.8KB 2017 armor artist:yoshikageanon berserk character:lincoln_loud holding_weapon parody scar solo sword // 1024x1380 // 177.8KB alternate_outfit artist:exodus2rain character:lincoln_loud character:lucy_loud character:rusty_spokes character:sid_chang holding_object holding_weapon looking_at_viewer // 1200x2000 // 674.2KB artist:da-4th character:stella_zhau exercise holding_weapon kick kicking leotard ninja nunchaku punching_bag smiling solo stretching workout // 4500x5000 // 1.8MB 2017 artist:skeluigi beach character:lana_loud dialogue holding_weapon king_of_the_hill meme parody solo sunglasses // 464x400 // 10.8KB artist:urvy1a character:stella_zhau holding_weapon leotard ninja nunchaku smiling solo // 1608x1686 // 350.8KB artist:exodus2rain character:lizy_loud character:lyra_loud dialogue holding_weapon nun ocs_only original_character sin_kids smiling sword text // 1800x2500 // 412.2KB 2019 artist:javisuzumiya character:lincoln_loud fate holding_weapon parody solo // 2704x3005 // 1.4MB 2020 aged_up alternate_hairstyle artist:javisuzumiya character:linka_loud character:luke_loud holding_weapon pure_luna // 4000x3000 // 7.2MB artist:exodus2rain blood character:gloom_loud cosplay costume friday_the_13th halloween holding_object holding_weapon holiday looking_at_viewer machete maggiecoln mask ocs_only original_character parody sin_kids solo // 2076x3000 // 576.1KB 2017 artist:patanu102 character:lincoln_loud holding_weapon no_more_heros parody sword // 1018x981 // 94.7KB artist:underloudf character:lincoln_loud character:ronnie_anne_santiago holding_weapon parody persona whip // 3000x2200 // 1.9MB
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