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Author: Shish

Here is a list of the tagging metatags available out of the box; Shimmie extensions may provide other metatags:

  • source=(*, none) eg -- using this metatag will ignore anything set in the "Source" box
    • source= -- set source to
    • source=none -- set source to NULL

Metatags can be followed by ":" rather than "=" if you prefer.
I.E: "source:", "source=" etc.

Some tagging metatags provided by extensions:

  • Numeric Score
    • vote=(up, down, remove) -- vote, or remove your vote on a post
  • Pools
    • pool=(PoolID, PoolTitle, lastcreated) -- add post to pool (if exists)
    • pool=(PoolID, PoolTitle, lastcreated):(PoolOrder) -- add post to pool (if exists) with set pool order
      • pool=50 -- add post to pool with ID of 50
      • pool=10:25 -- add post to pool with ID of 10 and with order 25
      • pool=This_is_a_Pool -- add post to pool with a title of "This is a Pool"
      • pool=lastcreated -- add post to the last pool the user created
  • Post Relationships
    • parent=(parentID, none) -- set parent ID of current image
    • child=(childID) -- set parent ID of child image to current image ID

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