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2017 artist:mast3r-rainb0w character:chun-li hearts peace_sign solo street_fighter style_parody thick_thighs wide_hips // 1500x1150 // 795.8KB
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Fuck_Slayerduck_and_Mr_K: Chun-Li: (laughing happily) "Yai-tai! I'm the strongest woman in the world!"

Little Lynn: "And my little sister has the strongest farts in the world!" (grabs Lucy, rips her dirty leather panties off, has her butt crack facing Chun-Li, then squeezes her cute little stomach causing a meaty fart to escape Lucy's rectum towards Chun-Li)

Chun-Li: (sniffing erotically) "Sexy, but not as sexy as this!" (turns around, bends over, drops her thong and fishnets, and unleashes one of the juiciest, wettest farts towards Little Lynn and Lucy)

Little Lynn: (sniffing unimpressed) "Ha! You think that's the best you can do? Let's up the ante!" (pulls out a needle containing apple juice, injects Lucy with it)

Lucy: "Please kill me."

Chun-Li: (counters by pulling out some Wienerschnitzel chili beans)

Lola (walks outside and smells the 'aroma'): (excitedly) "Farts!" (starts sniffing wildly)

Lana (notices what's going on): (excitedly) "FART OFF!!!"

Soon, a crowd gathers watching Chun-Li and Little Lynn (via Lucy's crack) fart on each other until one accidentally craps themselves!

In Lincoln's bedroom,

Lincoln (wearing a gas mask, naked): "Couldn't we just close the window instead of wearing these things?"

Lori (wearing a gas mask, naked): (sternly) "Do you want Leni and Luna to cry again?"

Leni wearing a gas mask, naked with her huge tits between Lincoln's head, while Luna, wearing a gas mask, naked, rides his cock happily.
- Reply
Del: Well it pretty evident that someone have a fart/scat fetish
- Reply
Fuck_Slayerduck_and_Mr_K: @Del: You make it sound like a bad thing.
2021 artist:eezyseven character:clown_man character:luan_loud crossover juggling looking_at_another mega_man mega_man_8 smiling unicycle // 1754x1240 // 1.1MB
- Reply
Fuck_Slayerduck_and_Mr_K: Jimbo Kern: "Ah! A fucking Mega Man robot! Look out Ned, it's coming right for us!"

Ned Gerblansky: [voice box] "Quick, use the blow dryers!"

Luan: "No, wait!"

Jimbo and Ned fires giant gusts of wind from their blow dryers at Clown Man blowing him diagonally upwards, then goes splat!

Luan: "What have you bastards done?!" [crying]

Jimbo: "Saving the day from stupid, idiot Mega Man robots, little lady. Come on Ned, I hear there's a giant mosquito Mega Man robot at the recycle plant."

Ned: "Hmm, okay."
aged_up artist:patanu102 character:lincoln_loud inner_monologue meme redraw solo text // 597x879 // 512.6KB
- Reply
PolNell89: I don't want to see anymore Sin Kids garbage and people uploading it, but we can't get what we want.
- Reply
Fuck_Slayerduck_and_Mr_K: @PolNell89: And we all want to see you take your dipshit ass to another website!
- Reply
Anonymouse: @PolNell89: "-original_character" "-sin_kids", it's not hard man
artist:martoonsarts character:leni_loud // 1800x1800 // 250.6KB
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Fuck_Slayerduck_and_Mr_K: Spider: "AHH!!!" [mockingly] "There's a dumb blonde!"
2022 artist:javisuzumiya character:lincoln_loud character:lori_loud closed_eyes dialogue edit half-closed_eyes holding_object hugging loricoln pregnancy_test pregnant smiling source_request text tree // 2197x3000 // 3.8MB
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darcyfan99: Please remove this picture. As it already exists here.
- Reply
g-reco: This one is edited.
- Reply
darcyfan99: @g-reco: how?
- Reply
Misha: @darcyfan99: Alternative text.
- Reply
darcyfan99: @Misha: Whoops. Can't believe I missed that. Okay, please disregard my initial comment.
- Reply
ArgaiosYellow: I asked Javisuzimiya himself to edit and change the word

"uncle" by "daddy"
- Reply
Fuck_Slayerduck_and_Mr_K: @ArgaiosYellow: Smart thinking, laddie!

Also, apparently, Bori lover, FarhanMaleq7801 is too much of a coward to comment on this alternative.
artist:patanu102 character:beverly original_character shark sin_kids tagme // 1433x1245 // 761.0KB
- Reply
K09: That's not Lizy, that's Leia's rival. XD

...I can't quite remember her name, though. I think it might've been... I want to say Beverly?
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