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Anonymouse: @Lesotomate: i admire the dedication anyway >>>
Anonymouse: EBTehAnimator, tag and rate your shit properly >>>
Anonymouse: @ArgaiosYellow were you the one who colored this? >>>
Anonymouse: literally what end up happening >>>
Anonymouse: @EBTehAnimator again, make an effort to actually tag... >>>
Anonymouse: >becky and ricky arent the same size theyre twins,... >>>
Anonymouse: @EBTehAnimator make an effort to actually tag and rate... >>>
Anonymouse: @Lesotomate unrelated to post but refrain from posting... >>>
Anonymouse: @justanotherrandomlurker: learn to read tags >>>
Anonymouse: >more chillshit >>>
Anonymouse: eugh >>>
Anonymouse: you can just put a characters full name and the "character:"... >>>
Anonymouse: its a cuntboy so yes@Lanceloud: >>>
Anonymouse: >bobby looks younger somehow >>>
Anonymouse: @RealDeal85: he was an anon, so no nothing >>>
Anonymouse: @TheMightySun: They look really bad >>>
Anonymouse: @T1mbuk1: > if people will actually notice this... >>>
Anonymouse: @justanotherrandomlurker: dunno, programmed into the... >>>
Anonymouse: @uriel: what the hell are you even talking about >>>
Anonymouse: @justanotherrandomlurker: >benny read the tags >>>
Anonymouse: @Tinytoonfan9: why wouldnt he? >>>
Anonymouse: @darcyfan99: this >>>
Anonymouse: @justanotherrandomlurker: she'd say pussy if she... >>>
Anonymouse: @darcyfan99: this, he posts SFW constantly >>>
Anonymouse: @EBTehAnimator stop uploading screenshots >>>
Anonymouse: @justanotherrandomlurker: for a lolicon >>>
Anonymouse: @uriel: there's literally a contact staff button... >>>
Anonymouse: @LouderLove: deleted for being in horrible compressed... >>>
Anonymouse: @LouderLove: literally in the source >>>
Anonymouse: @FartKnocker: Are you not able to change the name when... >>>
Anonymouse: @FartKnocker: good >>>
Anonymouse: @darcyfan99: I guess, still seems odd to me, the pairing... >>>
Anonymouse: This image seems odd to me considering canonically... >>>
Anonymouse: @ThatLoser: dont see it >>>
Anonymouse: @justanotherrandomlurker: Its the "World Wide... >>>
Anonymouse: @justanotherrandomlurker: >character in the post... >>>
Anonymouse: @justanotherrandomlurker: What? are you saying the... >>>
Anonymouse: @justanotherrandomlurker: >implying >>>
Anonymouse: >he's making alts now >>>
Anonymouse: @darcyfan99: someone just fucked up >>>
Anonymouse: @ArgaiosYellow: discord's at the top of the site >>>
Anonymouse: @Lesotomate if a image's filename has a long string... >>>
Anonymouse: @ArgaiosYellow If there is a bare penis (aka not a... >>>
Anonymouse: @justanotherrandomlurker: theyre just standing next... >>>
Anonymouse: if an image has a bare ass or breasts, then tag the... >>>
Anonymouse: @FartKnocker: Took a few tries, but I was able to replace... >>>
Anonymouse: @justanotherrandomlurker: You rarely see someone like... >>>
Anonymouse: @justanotherrandomlurker: SB does that with every character... >>>
Anonymouse: @Xharyuk01: Nah, painted by artist >>>
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